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   Eagle Tac offers the brightest and most feature packed LED flashlights on the market anywhere. Lifetime Warranty! Machines from aircraft grade aluminum and loaded with options like Auto Beacon, SOS, and more! LOOK!

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We Are A Licensed Eagle Tac Dealer &  Stock & Sell Every Eagle Tack Light & Accessory Made!

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The Mega Light series offers up military style lights of superior brightness, features and options. We keep these lights in stock. If you don't find what you want, give us a call or drop an e-mail... we probably have it. We also stock all the accessories for these lights.

Eagle Tac M3C4 Image

EagleTac M3C4 Triple XM-L-T6 is the next generation in the Military Series replacing the EagleTac M2. The EagleTac M3C4 is a compact 11 Watt high output LED flashlight offering an amazing 1011 ANSI FL-1 Lumen output (1164 emitter LED lumen) on turbo mode and a maximum of 65+ hours regulated runtime at the 28 lumen low output mode. The new M3C4 Triple Cree XM-L LED offers unprecedented flood out to 100 yards.  SPECIAL*Free Diffuser lens and Optional M25 Clicky replacement kit. This feature will give you a rear tactical button with on/off in any desired mode. Beam Characteristics: Flood with moderate throw  1200 Lumen!

Five levels output, activated by twisting the ring
Three hidden modes strobe, beacon and SOS
Stainless steel bezel Syntax ultra-clear glass lens w/ harden and AR coating
Type III HA finish / aerospace grade aluminum
Smooth reflector for maximum output and optimized beam
Gold and silver plated contacts for best conductivity
Tail-stand tail cap
Heavy Duty Holster
ET57 Diffuser glass filter with Syntax tough and AR coating
Mil-Spec Para cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip UP-L1
CR123A Battery Magazine for CR123A Batteries

Length: 6.3 inch (15.9cm)
Body Diameter: 2.4 inch (6.1cm)
Head Diameter: 1.5 inch (4.0cm)
Body Weight (excluding batteries): 12 ounces (340grams)
4-CR123A lithium battery or Two 18650 Li-ion (button-top cells only)
Operating Voltage Range: 5.4V to 13V
Lower Low/Low/Med/High/Turbo: 65/15/6/2.5/1 hours
Strobe (9.5 Hz)/Slow Strobe (2 Hz)/SOS: 2/1.9/4 hours
Triple XM-L T6 Lumen Output: Lower Low/Low/Med/High/Turbo
LED Lumen: 34/90/249/552/1200
ANSI FL-1: 28/78/218/480/1011
(All hidden modes operate at turbo boost brightness)
Lux @ 1meter
Triple XML T6 LED: 46800 lux
Dial the rotary switch clockwise to select output power from low to high (five levels of brightness). Dial the switch counter-clockwise to dim the output, continue dialing the ring counter-clockwise to turn off the flashlight. To access hidden aux. mode (strobe, slow strobe and S.O.S.), starting from turbo output mode, dial the ring counter-clockwise to off, and then back to turbo output mode to enable strobe. Repeat operation to cycle through the rest of the hidden aux. modes.

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Eagle Tac SST 50

EagleTac M3C4 SST-50 is the next generation in the Military Series replacing the EagleTac M2. The EagleTac M3C4 is a compact 11 Watt high output LED flashlight offering 1000 Bulb lumen with 800 O.T.F. lumen at turbo mode (SST-50 and triple XP-G R5 models) and a maximum of 100+ hours regulated runtime at the 15 lumen low output mode.
1000 LUMEN !

O.T.F. lumen output:
Luminus SST-50 W65S WJ LED: 16/56/172/376/800
Typical runtime:
1.5/3.5/8/28/100+ hours

Lumen output at LED
Luminus SST-50 W65S WJ LED: 20/70/215/470/1000 MAX lumen at the LED

Dial the operational ring to turn the flashlight on/off, adjust between the five brightness levels, and access the three hidden modes (strobe, fast beacon, SOS). To access the hidden blinking modes, turn the ring from the turbo mode to the off/standby mode, then back to the turbo mode within 2 seconds to cycle through the hidden modes.

New one-piece flashlight head design (from the top of the knurling area to the battery contact point behind the head)
This allows optimal LED heatsink capability and operational reliability. The flashlight head is not sealed and user can gain access to the inside of the lens and reflector.
New durable hard anodized coating
Available in HAIII finish in black and dark gray color. If you would like Dark Gray please mention this in the comments box during checkout.
New Reflector design in L.O.P. finish
The CREE MC-E and the Luminus SST-50 versions feature a newly revised ET55 reflector that offers smooth and high output beam without artifacts or dark center spot in the beam. The triple CREE XP-G and the triple XR-E use a new parabolic reflective curve for maximum throw distance and maximum brightness.
The tail-stand tail-cap receives a new durable protective coating. The package also come with a para-cord lanyard with a clip. The controller ring also receives a new durable protective coating.
The EagleTac Flashlight head and the body are o-ring and square-ring sealed for operation in harsh and wet environments. Reverse battery polarity protection has been implemented on the battery tray for each battery channel. The water-proof tail-cap now uses stainless steel 304 mounting screws with hex heads.

Included accessories:
CNC machined 304 Stainless steel bezel
Diffuser filter (YRGB filter kit (yellow for fog and rain) is optional)
Para-cord lanyard with pocket clips and split ring
M series nylon holster

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The Tactical Series of Eagle Tac lights are used by first responders around the world. Built for convenience, features and to withstand even the shock of being weapon mounted, these are some of the toughest lights made. We stock ALL accessories for these lights.

T20C2 Eagle Tac Image

The T20C2 XM-L is the next generation in cutting edge flashlight technology. Rated at an incredible 720 lumens with 580 ANSI FL-1 Lumen, The EagleTac T20C2 XM-L is the brightest in its class. This flashlight is ideal for both First Responders and the general public.  720 LUMEN !


New to the T20C2
CREE XM-L T6 LED, featuring C2100 circuit w/ turbo boost technology
LED Lumen output: 720 (XM-L)
ANSI FL-1 Lumen output: 580 (XM-L)
Recent upgrades to the T20C2 MKII include:
-New rear switch mechanism and tail boot
-Redesigned detachable stainless steel clip, titanium coated, secured by clip ring
-Revised user interface (see instructions below)

3 levels output accessed by twisting head/bezel
3 hidden modes (strobe, beacon, SOS), to access double twist from medium
Stainless steel bezel ring
Syntax ultra-clear glass lens w/harden AR coating
Type III HA finish / aerospace grade aluminum
LOP reflector for maximum output and balanced beam
Gold and/or silver plated contacts
Forward tactical click tail-cap with momentary on/off function
Heavy Duty Holster
ET28 Diffuser glass filter with Syntax tough AR coating
Tail-stand accessory
Mil-Spec Para-cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip UP-L1
CR123A Battery Magazine for two CR123A Batteries
Soft cigar grip
Cigar grip cover

Operation: (Non-Tail Strobe Version)
Press lightly for momentary on/off or press and click for constant on (you can pre-select Turbo or General/med output by loosening or tightening the head).
Change to UI: To reach low and auxiliary modes; start from general/med mode (head loosened) and double twist tight then loose to access low and auxiliary modes. Continue the double twist until you reach the desired mode. The New TURBO BOOST technology with the C2100 Light Engine delivers 4 levels of output - 720 Lumen TURBO "BOOST" for three minutes, then drops to 1.5a/500 Lumen standard high to extend runtime. Switching the light off/on will reset TURBO Boost Mode

Base Model: Stainless Steel Bezel, Diffuser Filter , Spare O-rings, Battery Magazine for two CR123A, GITD Switch Boot, Black Stainless Steel Pocket Clip, Soft Rubber Cigar Grip, Heavy Duty Nylon Holster w/ Flip, Mil-Spec Para cord Lanyard w/ quick attachment clip, User Manual.

Available Options:
YRGB Kit: Includes everything in base model, plus: Yellow Filter, Red Filter, Blue Filter and Green Filter
Weapons Kit: Includes Aluminum Rail mount and Remote Pressure switch w/ separate on/off switch
YRGB Weapons Kit: Includes everything in the YRGB Kit, plus: Remote Pressure switch w/ separate on/off switch, Aluminum Rail Mount

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